Acoustic covers and enclosures

  • Noise protection covers and cabins are designed from certified acoustic panels manufactured directly by our company, which allows us to adequately respond to a combination of the most fundamental input factors such as the final required noise reduction and level of the emitted noise load, including its noise spectrum.

  • Each of our anti-noise covers is an original and our engineering department operates with standard customer´s requirements for additional equipment such as sliding or folding doors, safety multi-layer glazing, easily removable parts/walls of the cover, crane systems, ventilation systems for the excessive heat disposal, air conditioning, filtration units, sand separators, seismic/fire resistance, complete electrical installations including electric safety locks, emergency lighting, thermal control, automatically sliding walls/ceilings and much more.

  • The chosen material of this product and its final surface treatment is based on the customer's request, so we produce our acoustic covers as a standard from aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized steel with additional surface treatment (wet or powder coating) up to the corrosion resistance class C5H.

  • Noise protection covers are designed either as fixedly anchored via anti-vibration materials or freely movable with the help of a crane for the necessary mobility, where the technical solution of the lifting system and the steel structure is always based on the authorized static calculation.

  • The use of the noise protection covers and cabins is mainly for the stationary machines and equipment of various sizes such as compressors, pumps, cyclones, fans, presses, saws, transformers, generators, steam/gas turbines or entire turbo sets. Furthermore, in case of a mobile device such as diesel generator are anti-noise covers set directly on the mobile truck's chassis.


  • The main objective of this product group is to protect health and work comfort of employees working in loud environments or in the case of the control chambers to create necessary noise-free conditions for product testing, where the emphasis in high-attenuation boxes is mainly placed on the composition of the floor, used materials of the acoustic panels, multiple-layer sealing system and well-insulated air distribution.

  • Operator's cabins and control rooms can also be equipped with air conditioning, electro installation, furniture, etc.


  • Complete hooding and soundproofing of semi/fully-automatic production lines is a very efficient and elegant solution how to achieve a significant noise reduction within the whole operational area.

Acoustic walls, barriers

  • Exterior walls are used to protect surrounding buildings from the acoustic pressure emitted by outdoor sources such as cooling equipment.

  • The main task of the interior acoustic walls and acoustic barriers is a separation of the noisier parts of the operational area from the remaining ones in order to reduce noise pollution of the working area as much as possible.

  • Mobile barriers are mostly used to separate loud workplaces in production areas without losing the needed level of mobility and flexibility.


  • Splitter or tubular silencers are technically designed by our engineering department based on the specified noise spectrum, required noise reduction, air flow and temperature in order to find a balance between the highest achievable noise attenuation and the lowest possible limitation of the equipment on which the silencer is installed.

  • The silencers can be equipped with filter chambers or solid particle separators for a dusty environment.

  • Common use of the silencers:

    • Part of the forced ventilation system for noise protection covers.

    • Sound insulation of compressors and blowers.

    • Soundproofing of cooling units and towers.

    • Exhausts of technological units.

    • Damping of air outlets.

    • And many more...

Acoustic doors and gates

  • Based on many years of development, company KK Technoing spol. s r.o. offers a very broad technical solutions of various door types from regular doors, swing doors, sliding doors, lifting doors to folding doors including the supply of their drives (pneumatic/electric) or door frames to achieve the required tightness and damping.

Steel structures

  • We are a certified manufacturer of steel structures for the ECX2 execution class, which are produced based on customer´s or our own documentation made by internal engineering department.

  • The surface treatment is always carried out on the basis of the customer's request. The most commonly used corrosion protections include hot-dip galvanization or wet and powder coating in all corrosion resistance classes.


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