Our works

  • Volkswagen,Mexico

    Noise elimination of a combustion engines testing robot

  • ČEZ, a.s.,Czech Republic

    Noise elimination of a transformer

  • SULZER,Germany

    Noise elimination of water pumps

  • Doosan Škoda Power,Finland

    Noise elimination of a steam turbine

  • S. A. B.,Germany

    Noise elimination of a mobile diesel engine

  • SCHENCK RoTec,Germany

    Noise elimination of balancing machines

About us

Company Technoing offers comprehensive services in solution of sound protection precaution and is able to complete orders from project working up to the final mounting directly at customer place. Production of our sound protection components went trough 15-years development and is able to adapt itself to different technologies, mainly production of doors, windows, openings, possibilities of full walls openings, acceleration of ceilings, forming of weight ceilings with possibility of material storing, all eventually provided with compelled ventilation, lighting, manipulation technology and electrical installation assuring work safety.

Parts production is forced on maximal independence in technology with minimal co-operation for sheet-metal preparation up to the length of 4 m. Final surface improvement is also done with minimal co-operation. All products have surface improvement accordingly to customer inquiries in colour shades RAL, eventually are produced from galvanised sheet, rustless, aluminium, in order to have higher resistance. Our products are already satisfying customers from four world continents. Have a look at our references.

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KK Technoing spol. s r.o.
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Areál sv. Anna
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Czech Republic
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